VIBES ensures better communication with you on our guidelines and automatically implements related regulations and charges.


V.I.B.E.S is our Vendor Integrated Business and Education System designed to provide better transparency with you and to help you improve your performance.

More information for you:

  • E-mail notification if you have late orders due for cancellation.
  • E-mail notification before any charges are applied on your account.
  • E-mail notification before any regulatory modifications on your account.

  • More regulatory and less punitive for you:

  • Automatic order regulation in case of delays or recurring stock shortages.
  • Automatic sales regulation for items with high returns or rejections.

  • More protection for you:

  • Deactivation of vendors with low quality products.
  • Deactivation of vendors with a counterfeit history.
  • Deactivation of products with a history of high returns or rejections.

  • Simple & clear fees in case of:

  • Order cancellation due to delay or stock shortage.
  • Listing and/or delivery of counterfeit items.
  • Collection of returns due to quality (wrong,defective, used, refurbished) from customers.
  • Drop-off QC failure due to quality (wrong, defective, used, refurbished) at the drop-off hub or warehouse.
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